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Grand Opening

On-Site Staff Training & Opening Week Support


14 day On-site Personal Consultation &

Full Time On-site Barista Coach



Award Winning Espresso Program

- On-Site training

- Identifying the proper espresso machine and grinder settings

- Setting a meticulous equipment maintenance program for optimum results

- Purifying the water

- Sourcing and selecting vendors for the best coffee beans

- Maintaining the freshness of the coffee  

- Dialing-in or getting the pre-extraction settings right

- Quantifying our results by identifying the proper timing (using timers)

- Quantifying our results by identifying the proper weights (using scales)

- Developing the 'eye', palate and expertise of the barista

​- Specialty drink recipe book


Barista Coaching

- On-Site staff training

- Focus on customer service and Increasing customer awareness

- Communication between staff

- Equipment maintenance and operation

- Speed & work flow

- Multi-tasking

- Efficiency and organization 

- Espresso extraction

- Milk texturing

- Latte art design

- Customized barista manual


Superior Coffee Brewing Program

- History, cultivation, roasting, brewing techniques, standard and cutting edge equipment

- Sourcing coffee roasters and selecting the finest quality, whole bean coffee

- Storing coffee beans and Inventory management

- Proper equipment cleaning

- Maintenance checklist and schedule

- Maintenance materials, sourcing and proper usage

- Selecting and optimizing burr grind settings

- Grinding parameters to ensure optimal freshness

- Consistent dosing and measuring for replicable results

- Ideal extraction techniques and quantification

- Selecting and installing a water filtration system


Vendor, Equipment and Small-Wares Selection

- One hour introductory phone consultation

- Bulk coffee beans ordered from a reputable roaster based on your program

- Equipment and product selection within geographic location and budget

- Equipment, small wares sourced and ordered and vendor contact information


Menu Design

- Customized drink menu and retail products

- Costing and pricing of all menu and retail items to maximize profits while keeping prices competitive


Opening Week Support

- 7 Day full time on-site Barista coach

- Differing from the competition

- Dealing with the "non espresso educated" customers

- Focus on espresso and coffee consistency

- Attracting initial customers

- Creating the a good first impression, fast, friendly service and superior tasting drinks






Personal Consultation

Personal Consultation

- Professional, honest and unbiased opinion

- Expert resource while setting up your new project or if you're planning taking your business to the next level

- Consulting  available on-site, via Skype, over the phone or via email



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