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Menu Re-vamp & Retail Sales Booster *most popular

3-day onsite evaluation analysis and strategic planning

2-day Off-site analysis and follow-up 



- Customized drink menu and complimentary baked goods, lunch items as well as retail products.

- Designed to boost sales! Costing and pricing of all menu and retail items to maximize profits while keeping prices competitive

- Consultation onsite face to face, via skype, over the phone and via email

Business Consultation

3-day Onsite evaluation

4-day Off-site analysis and strategic planning 


Intensive Business Overview

Determination of Goals

Natural Roadmap to Achieve Goals



Sales Analysis:


Tacking trends that occur in sales over time We will analyze the trends in volume to anticipate changes and determine the best course of action. Sales analysis report will identify opportunities and areas where we can increase sales volume. 

This overview will drive margin, labor analysis and other essential business decisions.

We will determine what products are driving the business and how to "design from the patterns to the details"



Cost Benefit Analysis: 


We will weigh the estimated costs against expected benefits to determine the most profitable course of action while defining business strategy. We will compare the rewards and benefits vs. the various costs of achieving a given goal. A cost-benefit analysis will assist as to whether a given goal is worth further investigation. Applying natures principals we will come to 

"observe and interact".





Measure and track labor, food and beverage costs. Loss Prevention: through cash and inventory control. By tracking and monitoring we will find the hidden waste that drains a company of its resources. Ultimate goal being to eliminate waste.

"Waste is nothing more than an unused resource". 



Labor & Expense Management: 


Understand how many hours are needed, how to support and account for managers. 

Identify direct labor costs and Indirect labor including production support, manufacturing and overhead costs.

Analysis of the current costing structure and discover opportunities to

"Increase profitability without compromising sales, ethics, or principals"



Marketing and Branding: 


Understanding promotions and brand development. Examine the keys to successful branding. 

"integration rather than segregation" & "cooperation vs. competition" being key components.



Inventory Management: 


Examination of your current inventory levels and procedures. Optimal inventory management  increases cash flow and availability. "Use and value renewable resources and diversity".



Budgeting Resources: 


Identifying and managing resources. Setting benchmarks that can be measured on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Designing a budget based on the patterns we discover. Through our analysis we will "design the details from the patterns"  

The ultimate goal being to fully realize profit or "obtain a maximum yield" 



Feedback & Re-evaluations:  


Half-day review and analysis follow-up performed three months and six months later.  As in nature, nothing is Self-Sufficient.. It is inter-dependent. Observation and Periodically re-examining will enable us to "creatively use and respond to change".


Vendor, Equipment & Small-Wares Selection

- One hour introductory phone consultation

- Resourcing the right coffee roaster. Selecting a partner roaster, best suited to support you and your growing company.

- Bulk coffee beans ordered from a reputible roaster based on your program

- Equipment and product selection within geographic location and budget

- Equpment, small wares sourced and ordered as well as vendor contact information

- Phone consultation / support is included during service





Personal Consultation

1 Day Personal Consultation



- One hour introductory phone consultation

- Professional, honest and unbiased opinion

- Expert resource while setting up or taking your business to the next level

- Consulting  available on-site, via skype or over the phone



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