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My Journey

Navigating NYC's dynamic food & beverage scene, I've etched a legacy across iconic Coffee & Espresso Bars... As well as restaurants, and cocktail havens. A charismatic visionary, I breathe life into ventures that stand as landmarks in their own right.


My strategic business acumen is nurtured by a relentless pursuit of growth. Through the artistry of social media, I've woven vibrant communities, fostering connection and conversation.


From igniting ventures from the ground up to revolutionizing sales strategies and championing sustainable practices, I embody a dynamic fusion of creativity and strategy, all fueled by an unwavering dedication to excellence.


Beyond achieving audacious milestones, my attentive ear and mentoring heart have crowned me a cherished leader, etching a legacy of affection and respect.

My Story

Crafting a Life Story

From the bustling streets of New York City to the serene landscapes of Costa Rica & back, my life's chapters have been an amalgamation of wild dreams, relentless pursuits, and fervent beliefs.

Brewing Dreams, Serving Sustainability

In the heart of the city that never sleeps, I sowed the seeds of Sweetleaf Coffee. As we rose to the #2 Café in the USA, it wasn't just the coffee that was brewing; it was a movement for change. This wasn't just a café; it was a platform for my belief in sustainability and transparency. I poured my heart into crafting not only the perfect brew but also a commitment to ethical sourcing, advocating for living wages for the farmers who nurtured our beans and the dedicated souls who served it. Recognized 5X by The NY Times for excellence & innovation.

Pioneering with Technology

Among my guiding stars is the persistent gleam of technology and social media. A trailblazer, I've harnessed the power of social media and influencer marketing, to breathe life into my endeavors. Like an artist with a digital brush, I've painted new dimensions of connection, using every pixel to magnify my values. Micro influencer marketing dances in tandem, an ode to the uncharted potential of human connections.

Global Flavors, Local Commitment

Costa Rica whispered tales of biodiversity and conscious consumption, leading me to Nosara Coffee House. It wasn't just about crafting a cup of coffee; it was about a commitment to the environment and the well-being of local communities. From sourcing organic and bio-dynamic beans directly from farms to offering handcrafted drinks that danced with flavor, every sip resonated with a symphony of sustainability. Our endeavor wasn't just a business; it was a beacon of responsible practices, shining bright in the realm of conscious entrepreneurship.

Comedy, Cuisine, and Community

Nestled in the heartbeat of Long Island City & Now Austin Tx..., The Creek & Cave wove an enchanting narrative of comedy and cuisine. But beyond the laughter and delectable delights, I embedded the value of dignified wages for my crew, echoing my conviction in treating every team member as a cherished collaborator. I firmly believe that a thriving community begins with empowered individuals who are rewarded fairly for their contributions. Creek & Cave wasn't just about plates and punchlines; it was about empowering those who fueled its magic.

Sustainability, Transparency, and Fairness: My Pillars

My life's journey is underpinned by steadfast values: sustainability, transparency, and a resolute commitment to ensuring that farmers and coffee shop workers receive not just wages but recognition for their craftsmanship. I'm not merely an advocate; I'm a proponent who believes that every step we take, every cup we brew, can create a ripple of positive change in our world.

With warmth and wanderlust,



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's schedule a discovery call.

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